Repair of freezers

Repair of household freezers in Kiev. 

The freezer is a real “treasure”. Not only meat products can be stored in it, but also fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables, which during such storage do not lose their beneficial qualities and preserve vitamins. And with a freezer filled with the gifts of summer, you can enjoy the whole winter with delicious berries, cook fresh compotes and indulge in the pleasure of preparing a delicious fruit dessert in the coldest months. Therefore, in addition to the refrigerator, it is desirable to have a home and a freezer.

If the freezer is broken, you must call the master for its professional repair. And in this case, our company will be able to help you. One of our services is the repair of household freezers in Kiev.

Why break freezers?

The freezer should be repaired as quickly as possible - otherwise you risk losing all your products.

How to understand that the freezer is not broken? Indicators may be that it does not freeze, does not turn off, or it turns on and switches itself off.

The cause of the first may be a failure of the outlet or a banal situation - the accidental disconnection of the unit from the outlet. However, if everything is in order with the socket, the causes of breakdowns are much more complicated - compressor failure, relay, timer jamming, oxidation of connectors, freon leakage, heater failure, plugging in the cooling system tubes. In such cases, be sure to call the wizard.

We can fix everything!

Each model and each brand of refrigeration equipment is unique and requires a special approach to them. Therefore, the repair of each freezer requires deep knowledge about the specific model and system of refrigeration equipment.

Our masters are professionals of the highest rank and possess this knowledge. Therefore, they are ready to eliminate any damage that really really eliminate and permanently extend the life of your freezer. The main principle of our company is honesty, so the only case in which we will not undertake repair is if the repair does not bring results or after it the equipment still works for a very short time. Then we frankly suggest that it is better to buy a new technique.

In all other cases, we guarantee the highest quality of repair work. First, diagnostics are performed on a mandatory basis, the cause of the breakdown is determined and the cost of repair is calculated. Without diagnostics, we will never get down to work! Diagnostics and repair work are carried out using the latest technologies and equipment.

We offer the highest level of service.

We are ready to provide services of the highest quality at affordable prices. The main principle of our work is customer focus, that is, the client must be satisfied. Therefore, we do a lot to ensure that our service is of the highest level.

We have already said that we guarantee the quality of repairs. And it is also worth noting the promptness of the repair, reasonable prices and a transparent calculation system, in which you understand exactly what you are paying for, the courtesy of the masters, warranty after-repair service.

If you have any questions or need to order repair of the freezer, please contact us by phone numbers listed on our website.