Review side by side refrigerators

The brand of modern Side by Side refrigerators is one of the best-selling models at the moment. These refrigerators are popular due to the reliable operation of the units, roomy chambers and other advantages. Major manufacturers of home appliances must include in the model range a certain amount of S-b-S, because products of this type are included in the premium segment.

The owners of premises with kitchens of large areas, make a choice in favor of Side by Side because here it is very convenient and safe to store products purchased for a long time.

Modifications of refrigerators of this brand

Refrigerators S-b-S, occupying a leading position in sales:

• Samsung RSH 5 ZLMR, this model with a volume of 494 liters, has numerous auxiliary functions, for example: the presence of ice generators, dispensers, built-in water purification filter, curved shelves under the bottle. Refrigerator compartment and freezer are equipped with the No Frost defrost effect. Work provides modern inverter motor.

• Liebherr SBSes 7353, this model consists of two independent devices with a set of connecting straps. This kind of design is a roomy one and a half refrigerator, half of which is reserved for the freezer. It quickly freezes food, works almost silently. The disadvantages of this model include the presence of fragile handles, which often fail.

• Kraft KF-F 2661 NFL, fridge of stunning black glass color. It instantly attracts the attention of numerous buyers. It works very quietly, is quite capacious, has convenient modes, it is not overloaded with additional functions. This model is not distinguished by high technologies, however, consumers highly appreciate it for such qualities as spaciousness and compactness.

• Liebkherr SBSesf 7212 is also very good for roominess and it also has unreliable handles. It belongs to the high class of energy consumption. The main advantages of the model: ease of use, high energy-saving performance, the presence of an alarm when the door is open and the temperature in the refrigerator rises, the coating material of the outer surface allows you to hide traces from hands, etc.

• Liebkherr SBS 7253, this refrigerator model is very similar to the previous one. Here, the refrigerator compartment has a slightly smaller volume. The inverter compressor creates an additional zone of freshness, which ensures the preservation of cold twice as long. This device is energy efficient. The advantages include high preservation of products, accelerated cooling and freezing. The disadvantage is the lack of services such as mini-bar and water dispenser.

The combination of parameters such as relatively small size and capacity is the main criterion when choosing the right model of the refrigerator. A significant role is also played by confidence in the well-known brands Samsung, Liebkherr and Kraft.