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The table shows to your attention the prices of our services - repair of freezers, repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region, prices change, so the more accurate cost of repair when you submit an application by phone. The cost of repairing refrigerators is "turnkey" , without any wiring schemes during the repair: evacuating the system separately, replacing the filter separately ... We do not work like that, overhaul when opening the system, all these types of repairs imply technologically in the complex and are included in repair cost. The table below shows payment methods.

Main types of refrigerator repairsCost with spare parts
Refrigerator door sealing rubberdo not install
Diagnostics in Kiev250.00 UAN
Departure to Kiev regioncontractual
Replacement of the motor-compressor of the refrigeratorfrom 3000.00 UAH.
Refueling refrigerant R600A, R134Afrom 1100.00 UAH
Replacement of the refrigerator thermostatfrom 750.00 UAH.
Replacing the trigger relay of the refrigeratorfrom 750.00 UAH.
Replacing the heater (heater) of the evaporatorfrom 1250.00 UAH.
Replacing the blower fanfrom 950.00 UAH.
Defrost timer replacement no frostfrom 950.00 UAH.
Replacing the temperature sensor (sensor)from 1100.00 UAH
Replacing the refrigerator defrost relayfrom 950.00 UAH.
Repair of the electronic module (fee)from 950.00 UAH.
Small repair of the refrigeratorfrom 550.00 UAH.
Minimal refrigerator repair     550.00 UAN
Built-in refrigerator   +250.00 UAN

Payment of our services for the repair of refrigerators in Kiev and Kiev region can be made for cash and non-cash payments, payment by credit card, payment by installments.

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PAT CB Pechersk branch of Kiev PAT CB "Privat Bank";

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