We offer you some useful articles, useful in our opinion. They are purely exploratory in nature, each of us himself decides how to care for his refrigerator and what products to store in it.

About repairing refrigerators

The motor of the refrigerator must work properly to maintain the proper temperature inside the unit. The operation mode is set on the thermostat, periodically the refrigerator should be turned off. If this does not happen, and the products are not saved, then the equipment needs repair.Almost any problems with the refrigerator and freezer can be solved, you should not get rid of it immediately. To begin with, it is necessary to establish the cause of the malfunction, perhaps some inexpensive part has failed and its replacement will solve the problem in a few minutes. It is best to contact the master to determine the breakdown. It is not recommended to repair the freezing ...

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Choosing a new fridge

You need a new refrigerator, but you do not know how to choose a reliable option? After all, the number of proposals is very large and it is not always clear what is the general difference between one model and another. The article will help you make the right choice and distinguish the necessary functionality from the not always useful options.The size of the refrigeratorThe size. This is the first thing to decide. The size of your refrigerator depends on the place in your kitchen or in the room where you plan to put it. The larger the room, the larger the dimensions of the refrigerator. The best size for average kitchens of 8-10 square meters will be a refrige...

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Products that are not friendly with the refrigerator

With the invention of the refrigerator, our life has become much simpler. Now many products, especially perishable ones, can stay fresh and suitable for use for a long time. But sometimes we force the shelves of the refrigerator with food, which is not a place there at all. Some products do not need to be stored at a low temperature at all, while others do not tolerate cold at all.Bread and pistolIt is believed that at a low temperature bread does not get stale for a long time and does not become covered with mold. This is true, but in the refrigerator conditions, bakery products are stored not only in the cold, but also at high humidity, and this leads to the formation o...

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Refrigerator care

Standard service life of the refrigerator ranges from 5 to 7 years. With proper use, this period can be increased almost 2 times. In the warranty card of the product indicated the period of its service. However, the lifetime can be increased.Basic rules for useThe first and most important rule that every refrigerator owner should know:1. This household appliance should not work in a wet room. This adversely affects the work not only of the refrigerator, but of any other electrical appliance. The optimum air temperature in the room is from 15 to 30 degrees.2. If the refrigerator is installed crookedly, it may affect its further operation.3. The device can quickly dete...

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Review side by side refrigerators

The brand of modern Side by Side refrigerators is one of the best-selling models at the moment. These refrigerators are popular due to the reliable operation of the units, roomy chambers and other advantages. Major manufacturers of home appliances must include in the model range a certain amount of S-b-S, because products of this type are included in the premium segment.The owners of premises with kitchens of large areas, make a choice in favor of Side by Side because here it is very convenient and safe to store products purchased for a long time.Modifications of refrigerators of this brandRefrigerators S-b-S, occupying a leading position in sales:• Samsung RSH 5 ZLMR, this mo...

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Learning to store food

People spend over 60% of the wages they earn on food. Supermarkets are good, convenient, but very expensive, despite the fact that they provide consumers with all sorts of discounts. To save on products, you need to buy them in bulk in wholesale stores and markets. How to save a large number of products without loss? We make it easier than our grandmothers. Each house has modern refrigerators with freezers and containers for greens and vegetables, which maintain the optimum temperature. But every woman has her own little tricks to keep the food fresh and mouth-watering. We offer you 15 tips that will be useful for those who want to save.With long-term stora...

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Repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment

Serviceable refrigeration equipment is the key to high-quality and uninterrupted operation of grocery stores, catering and manufacturing facilities. Therefore, the provision of services for the repair and maintenance of such industrial equipment has for many years been in considerable demand.High-quality repairs and service can be performed only by specialized organizations certified for repair and maintenance work. It is best to conclude a long-term service contract with a similar firm. This will allow you not to worry about carrying out scheduled maintenance and repair of refrigerators.General informationDepends on the correct service, how rarely refrigeration equipment will...

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Car refrigerator

Motorists can improve their car with the help of refrigeration equipment, having pleased themselves and their passengers with cool drinks. A car fridge will help keep food fresh from the trip and cool drinks to quench your thirst.What should I look for when choosing a refrigerator for a car?To choose the right home appliances, you need to understand its purpose: how and for what it will be used. If the use is not frequent and with a small volume of capacity, the cooler bag up to 5 liters will be just right. When the family is large and it is often necessary to go to nature or transport perishable products, in this case it is necessary to select a compressor refrigerator for at...

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