Repair and maintenance of commercial refrigeration equipment

Serviceable refrigeration equipment is the key to high-quality and uninterrupted operation of grocery stores, catering and manufacturing facilities. Therefore, the provision of services for the repair and maintenance of such industrial equipment has for many years been in considerable demand.

High-quality repairs and service can be performed only by specialized organizations certified for repair and maintenance work. It is best to conclude a long-term service contract with a similar firm. This will allow you not to worry about carrying out scheduled maintenance and repair of refrigerators.

General information

Depends on the correct service, how rarely refrigeration equipment will fail and in what time the malfunctions will be fixed and the faulty parts replaced. A set of measures for timely maintenance and replacement of necessary parts should be aimed at minimizing the financial losses associated with the deterioration of products due to the lack of good equipment.

Depending on the nature of the breakdown, repairs may be performed at the site by replacing spare parts or carrying out minor repairs. If the damage was not repaired and the problem was not solved on the spot, the equipment is delivered to the service center, where a more complete diagnosis is carried out and the cause of the failure is identified.

In some cases, eliminating the cause of a malfunction is due to the replacement of expensive parts, it is sometimes easier to purchase new equipment than to buy such parts. It is precisely to prevent such incidents that timely maintenance and diagnostics of equipment is required.

List of works

The contract concluded with the service organization, must necessarily provide for:

• frequency of scheduled inspections and preventive maintenance;

• time of departure of the master after the filing of an application for failure;

• terms of troubleshooting in case of urgent and not urgent repairs;

• Approval forms of documents on claims and acts of work performed.

In the course of preventive maintenance, an external inspection of the equipment, checking the condition of the units and pipelines, refueling or completely replacing the refrigerant, cleaning the equipment from contamination is carried out. Also adjustment and adjustment of electronic control units and replacement of worn parts are made. All repair and maintenance work is carried out in strict accordance with the operating instructions and other technical documentation for refrigeration equipment.