Refrigerator care

Standard service life of the refrigerator ranges from 5 to 7 years. With proper use, this period can be increased almost 2 times. In the warranty card of the product indicated the period of its service. However, the lifetime can be increased.

Basic rules for use

The first and most important rule that every refrigerator owner should know:

1. This household appliance should not work in a wet room. This adversely affects the work not only of the refrigerator, but of any other electrical appliance. The optimum air temperature in the room is from 15 to 30 degrees.

2. If the refrigerator is installed crookedly, it may affect its further operation.

3. The device can quickly deteriorate if heavy objects are placed on it. Do not use the top cover as a shelf for household trifles.

4. Do not block the ventilation grill. The back wall should be at a distance from the wall to avoid overheating.

5. Make sure that the bottles that lie on the special grates are tightly closed.

6. The opening time of the refrigerator door should be minimal. On modern models installed a special sensor. It works if the door is open for more than a minute.

7. It is recommended not to put hot and warm food in the refrigerator.

Additional tips

Store canned food on the bottom shelf, meat and oil on the top one. Vegetables and fruits - in specially equipped boxes.

Many people store drugs in the upper cell. It is advisable not to do this. At the very least, refrain from storing products with harsh and unpleasant odors.

Prevention to increase the life of the refrigerator

Adhering to these preventive rules will help keep the refrigerator in good condition for a long period of time:

1. At least once a year completely defrost it. If the upper section can be washed immediately, then in the refrigerating chamber it is necessary to completely defrost the ice formed on the walls. In order to avoid damage to the device, do not break off the ice crust and do not peel off snow deposits.

2. To wash the walls it is enough to use warm water with the addition of a natural detergent. Chemical cleaning agents are highly undesirable. Many hostesses have adopted a simple method of cleaning (warm water with baking soda).

3. Periodic ventilation (1-2 times per month), lemon peel, special absorbers of unpleasant odors will help to get rid of the unpleasant smell

4. Ensure that the doors are tightly closed during operation.

5. If you are going on vacation, it is better to pull out all the products and disconnect the device from the power supply. On new models, a special eco-mode. It allows you to spend less energy. Accordingly, the load on the device will be less. Perishable products in this mode is best not to store.

6. Keep clean not only inside but also outside. Clean the rear grill of dust with a vacuum cleaner. For safety, it is better to turn off the refrigerator.

7. High humidity inside the cooling device leads to breakage of its parts and further failure of the device.

It is necessary to immediately contact the service center if malfunctions began during the operation of the refrigerator for less than a year, such as:

• low degree of freezing;

• high noise;

• foreign odors;

• Products began to deteriorate rapidly;

• liquid appeared in the boxes.

Experts will identify the problem and tell you how to fix it. It is possible that the cause is a factory defect: a thermostat defect, corrosion of the capacitor or a violation of the internal surface of the product. In this case, you need to repair the refrigerator, replace the device or its parts with new ones.